Philippines Travel Secret Tip Tinago Falls

On the island Mindanao, there is, in my opinion, the most beautiful waterfalls in the whole Philippines, and that is close to Illigan. This waterfall is located in the middle of a forest, almost untouched by human hands. Above the falls, there are some small stores to buy some things; Above the falls there are some possibilities to eat and drink. There are also some small stores to buy some things. From the restaurant above with its terraces you have a beautiful view to the waterfalls and the pool. The way down is a real adventure with steps made of rocks and bars to hold onto which are somehow fixed on the rocks.

The water in the pool is clear and refreshing, you can swim there quite good. For noneswimmers there are life jackets to hire for 50 P. If you are a good swimmer you could swim up to the area where the water falls down. It is not dangerous because the water is just carrying you back. On one side, there are daring Filipinos who climb up the rocks and jump down from about 10 meters high being paid of applause by the other visitors. Quite interesting for the Filipinos were it to see me climbing up and jumping down with an one and a half somersault. All were giving a great applause.

Around the pool, there are some tables and places where people can seat around to take there lunch. Some Filipinos are taking the chance of a free day or weekend to make a family trip to the Tinago Falls.

Entrance fee is 10 p. You can reach it from Cagayan de Oro, Pagadian City or from Illigan. To all cities Philippine Airlines flies daily. From Cagayan de Oro and Pagadian City you could also take the bus. Travel time from Cagayan approx. 1.5 h, from Pagadian approx. 2.5 h.


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